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Throughout all of time,

Every society has had its secrets,

Long buried or passed along in whispers,

The mysteries of the past have given each society,

stories and knowledge not shared with the casual visitor.


           H                                M                                 S               M                                       D                                                 Y


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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Ever wonder where the traditions of Christmas trees,  Easter eggs, Yule logs,  Mislte toe, and other things came from?

Aliens in Hati

Ghost in cemetry gets
scared off by people.

Where Horror and Fun are mixed into one

Nightmares can be quit entertaining.

Views So Far

Gettysburg ghost soldiers
crossing The path on video

Experimenting with an SLS Camera and EVP gets
 interesting results.
 Take a look.

The dark knight satelite is
not a houx, it's real.
We are being watched.
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