- Burnt Mill Road -

Found in southern New Jersey, Burnt Mill Road is an incomplete path that branches of another street connected to Rt. 30. The road lasts about 2 miles before coming to a dead stop at a dirt road leading into the Pine Barrens. According to legend, a young boy once chased his ball out into the middle of this road where he was tragically struck by a car, giving rise to the Atco Ghost. We heard that if you park your car and get out, his ghost comes to you. Another version of the legend has it that one must honk the horn.

We went ther at 12:30 am. We got out of our vehicle and walked around. Moments after being there about 6 large orbs came down the street to us. They circled my son Jeremy. I had him stand still while I recording them.  Not even a minute passed and the orbs moved back towards the woods. The street is in total darkness as can be seen in the photos.