Jake Jacob comes to visit me for the 3rd time and is actively controlling

 the Des Tech Paranormal Light Sphere and tablet.

           The Jacob Family 1973 May and Jake visiting my family in Rhode Island Jake and May


I grew up as a neighbor to the Jacob family. My parents were good friends with Jake and May as I was good friends with their children. I knew Jake Jacob from when I was 8 until  my present age of 55, almost 56. That's a 48 year relationship. Jake has come to me three times since he died. He has always presented a concern for May, his wife. On this visit he had communicated through the tablet running evp software and the Des-Tech Light Sphere. At first I was not certain that it was Jake Jacob until the last name appeared. I recorded a long time but broke that video into two shorter videos that still show the event. I posted on May Jacob's Facebook and assured her that he has been with her as much as he can and that she is not alone. He has a very active soul. Such as he did in life.



Notice in the second video that the sphere rides along the very edge of the tablet but never falls off the edge.