Here are a few things that I have learned and events supporting my statements


This post may creep out some people but, in an attempt, to educate and share I’ll chance it anyway. There are some points that I will start out with.

1. Every place everywhere is haunted in every sense of the definition.

2. We are always being observed. It does not matter what you are doing, alone, with a partner or friends. Lights on or off, day or night.

3. We have been taught and programmed to believe that when a person dies, they go far away. Call it heaven, crossing over, whatever. They are not far at all. When I am home alone and doing my research, I speak loud and clear. When my family is home and awake and I am doing my research, I speak softly or whisper. I am heard and answered either way. Sometimes I can make a gesture with my hands or arms and get a response as I will show you here.

4. We have been taught that we lose those that we loved, liked, or just knew when they die. We have not. Things are different after a death. I miss what I had with my son, mom, dad, my friend Joe and so on. But it has been shown to me that the relationship, even changed can still exist.

Now to show you a few things that support the above statements.

The photo showing a word list was a result of me speaking out to Jeremy. I had told him that I am still wearing the urn pendant all the time. I asked are you with anyone and I asked what do see around here? Sometimes before I get an answer or complete answer, I ask something else. Well the responses were Ring Rusts, Roses, Single, Dry. Now look at the photo of the pendant. I had changed the ring because it was dirty. But a closer look shows rust. Still uncleaned off of the urn, Roses Dry refer to two roses that have been in the same room where Jeremy slept on my couch. I believe the Single refers to him being there only. Shortly after the word Pendant printed on the EVP tablet.

My friend Joseph Whitmoyer passed away September 18, 2018, He and my son have interacted with me in moving physical matter. In the video I did not say a word but merely used my hand to show that I wanted the ball. The ball came to me. I had been speaking to Joseph for about 30 minutes and decided to see just how close I was being watched. Just before this video I asked my son Jeremy to push the ball and the ball rolled to me. Here I said not a word but got the same result.

When speaking out to my son Jeremy I asked what can you see? He saw the fan that I placed on the floor at the entrance of the bathroom where I found his body.
One evening I was working on the afterdarkclub adding books to the story section of the domain. I turned on the EVP tablet and I did not speak a word, but I was observed. I am showing the screen that I was adding books too, then the words from the EVP tablet. Paranormal – After-Club

I had been speaking out to Joseph Whitmoyer and when asked what do you see? He saw the name BLAZE that was on a business card that sat on my desk as shown in the video.
I had stop speaking and asking questions one night recently when reaching out to my son Jeremy. The EMF Gage was sitting on my desk and I had the tablet running. The word Gage came up. A few moments after I stopped recording the words Near You came up.

We have all experienced death. Even with this connection I will forever miss the physical people and how my life and theirs interacted. Since I went into retirement in April 2019, I have been conducting studies and reaching out most of my time. I don’t care that I have learned that those that I loved or liked can see me. I find comfort in it. Remember, whatever you view points are about ghost, souls, spirits….all of us will be in that position too. Actually, we are now but we are housed within our bodies.
They are not far from any of us. When you feel distant, lonely, lost, remember this post. Speak out. Record audio or video. Do it on a regular basis. They miss us more than we miss them. They had everything taken from them when they died. It is for all of them and for all of you that I encourage you to work at doing the same as I do. This is not scary stuff. This touches the deepest emotions and when you make your realization that you have found the soul you search for; your life will never be lonely again.




I had been communicating with my son Jeremy and my friend Joseph whitmoyer. Just prior to this I asked my son to roll the ball to me and the ball did roll to me. Here I wanted to see just how close I was being observed. I did not ask out loud but rather just used my hand to communicate that I wanted the ball. The ball rolled towards me from Joseph Whitmoyer's soul.
The buzzing noise is from a high magnatic feild that has been associcated with the visitation of Joseph Whitmoyer. Another characteristic of Joseph is that at times he communicates by unfocusing the video and refocusing.


This is a clip of a much larger movie. I had asked my son Jeremy Orien what do you see in this room. On the EVP tablet the word FAN appeared. Earlier that day i had the windows open and i had placed a fan on the floor of the bathroom . The same bathroom that he died in.


I kept the EVP tablet running as I worked on the afterdarkclub.  This is a screen shot of the page that I had beenworking on.



I took photos of the screens that appeared as I work on afterdarkclub. It looks as if I am seen very closely. As I was snapping photos I asked where are you?  I got my answer.....NEAR YOU.

I had been taking my car to various body shops. At one of these shops I met a man with an uncommon name Blaze. The card was on my desk. I made no mention of this card or the name. While speaking to the soul of Joseph Whitmoyer the EVP tablet printed BLAZE.  I always try to have a two conversations with any soul that I connect with.


When speaking out to my son Jeremy Orion, he saw the EMF gage sitting on my desk near the EVP tablet.

I have been searching for souls for many years. I no longer work and I went into full and permanent retirement. I now research full time ...any time....all of the time. I have found most of my family members and many friends. I have been approached by souls and reached out to people on Facebook on their behalf.

I am always interested in hearing from any of my viewers about your experiences and attempts to reach out. I always encourage people to do what I have been doing. You can email any time.