Bam Burgh Castle



I live in Cornwall, visited Bam Burgh Castle in Northumberland last year, in October. It was a cold, bright, windy day, not many people about. There are two people in my photo that were there. But above them & slightly to the right, along the wall in between the two tower like structures is an image of what appears to me to be a horse, being walked down a gangway, he looks as if he is being led & when I zoom in on the picture, although it goes very pixelated, you can see (well I can) what appears to be a soldier in a high cone shaped hat, however he does not appear nearly as clearly as the ‘horse’. There is no gangway there. There was no horse about & it’s not the shadow either, which is what I thought at first as there just wasn’t a horse there.

Submitted by: Helen S | United Kingdom