Black Eyed Beings

by Sarah



There was a time when I was about 14, I was playing with my brother and sister and we had heard knocking at our door. I had a strange feeling and I looked outside my window. My big brother came out of his room and told us to get away from the door. We went to my mum and we were told to be quiet. My big brother came back and said to my mum "They want you". They pretty much asked if they could come in.

There were 2 men, dressed in black and white suits, almost like "Men in Black" with black sunglasses. They took off their glasses and they had black eyes, but it was as if they flickered. Then they walked away and got into their car.

My mum had gotten into the car to follow them. She followed them to a Jehovah's witnesses building, they made a left or right turn and they vanished.

From being spiritually aware, personally, I/We believed they were aliens. But we haven't seen or heard from them ever since.