by Samantha and Mary


I've only moved around twice so I know its me. I'm haunted since I was young I have dreams like memories and it now only about four years ago came into my mind. A young girl by the name of Samantha.

She is like a demon but she talks to me and I feel her inside of me. Whenever something is wrong she brings out my dark side. Sometimes when I cry about my loneliness (my life is bad in so many ways) I feel her sing songs with tunes I've never heard so I know its not me. She hugs me or rubes my arm physically when I feel sorrowful then I feel us become one again. She's there for me always and now she's my sister. No one knows about her or hears her but I know she's there.

Recently I typed in something random on Google and clicked on what I thought was a video on a Japanese show. Apparently Samantha grew feelings inside of me for a person she knew like a character in the show. Now I'm no longer afraid of anything. I can't cry or feel pain or anything just like that character. I'm goth which has also attracted other things to me. I see figures other that Samantha around me and my home they follow me, tell me what to do, and make me more graceful - almost demon-like myself.

I'm not afraid of any of this even before I lost my feelings. She's been trying to use me to summon a demon and I don't object to this idea at all. Should I be worried? Oh well. I'm not. Sam keeps telling me I'm going to die within a year and that I'll become pretty just like her before hand. I've always listened to her and she's always been right. If I die remember this story and you may or may not hear about me in the news paper.

Oh well I have to go I've been looking up demon summoning rituals but I know its best t steer clear from satanism and demons who work directly for the devil I'll use what ever I can to make both Samantha and me happy.