This site is dedictated to my son, Jeremy Orion Passon, who died on May 17. 2017.  May we always be connected and stay a part of eachother.
You were loved more than you ever knew.  I will forever  love you, and I'm grateful that I am your Dad.  "See you around Jeremy,  Dad."



Full Moon Countdown


Throughout all of time,

Every society has had it's secrets,

Long buried or passed along in whispers,

The mysteries of the past have given each society,

stories and knowledge not shared with the casual visitor.


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Wicca Pagan Catholic Church

Ever wonder where the traditions of Christmas trees,  Easter eggs, Yule logs,  Mislte toe, and other things came from?
Plus -----
The Passon Grimoier

Aliens in Hati

Dark ghost found in graveyard

Ghost in cemetery gets
scared off by people.

Nightmares can be quite entertaining.

Where Horror and Fun are mixed into one

Keeping it Spooky, Creepy, and Scary this many times
Gettysburg ghosts caught on video

Gettysburg ghost soldiers
crossing The path on video

Experimenting with an SLS Camera and EVP gets
 interesting results.
 Take a look.

Dark Knight UFO

The Dark Knight satelite is
not a houx, it's real.
 We are being watched.

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Added in Mostly Ghostly about us being watch and that souls are not far away at all.
Added an apparition of my son in my car.

Jake Jacob long time family friend visits and takes over the Des Tech Sphere and tablet.

See Jake Jacob's visit

Des-Tech Paranrmal Sphere moves and spins on its own as the evp software shows words.

See the Paranormal Sphere

My son Jeremy interacts with me using the Des-Tech Paranormal Light Sphere. His orb light showed and he responded to my speaking out to him

See my son Jeremy interact

Added the Halloween Theater - link on home page. Various halloween themed movies like Beavis and Butthead - Lord of the Harvest.

Posted photos and a video of a funeral home that is abandoned and empty.
See Funeral Home

Added Bodie Ghost Town in Mostly Ghostly.

I have shared an event that I never expected.
My son Jeremy died May 17th, 2017. He is still here
visiting me and others that he knew.

Jeremy Orion

Released photos from 2011 of Burnt Mill Road, Atco NJ.

5 foot diameter orbs

The Horror Dome

The Horror Dome

Everything from scary furniture to Halloween props.

I have always been fond of Halloween. I found this site and wanted to share it with you.
Cool Flash site based on Halloween


Not only is it coming soon, you will have a chance to win an actual hearse there! Click here for info on this years event!

Witchcraft shop for both curious and Witch alike:

HEX New Orleans is located in the historic French Quarter’s eclectic “Lower Decatur”,